Space Ethics

I have had a long interest in Space, ever since I was at school.  I was lucky enough to do work experience at the Anglo Australian Observatory, and in 2009 I was able to watch the launch of the Space Shuttle for mission STS-129 with the family of Astronaut Mike Foreman (who is a very distant relative).

So when I was given the opportunity by Professor Russell Boyce in 2014 to start working on Space Ethics with the UNSW Canberra Space team I jumped at the chance.  The UNSW Canberra Space team are doing some really interesting work, particularly in regards to "low cost" satelites and satelite formation flying (which to me seems very similar to drone swarm flying).

Here is some of my work in Space Ethics - 

 Space Situational Awareness

Here is some other interesting work in Space Ethics, or issues in space which have an ethical side to them.

Space Debris: the landmines of earth orbit?  by Stephen Coleman

NASA research on how living in space affects humans

Human waste used to make food for astronauts

The next step for SpaceX - launch of the Falcon Heavy Rocket